Farm Store

When you get to our store, you'll want to take the opportunity to check out all of the different flowers and vegetables we have in season. Also, feel free to enjoy some time relaxing in the available seating area out front.


You're going to find just the right hanging flower basket on our front porch or in the store. We start all of our flowers from seeds in our own greenhouse.



strawberries in store

When strawberry season starts, U-Pick is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 7:00-10:00 A.M. weather permitting. Please call us at 250-546-6862 to check for availability and before coming out for large quantities. You're not going to want to miss out on the delicious flavor of these summer treats!



We're happy to invite you and your family to our Farm Produce Market Store. From early spring to late summer, you'll find a variety of farm fresh products to enjoy with your family. From garden fresh vegetables, strawberries, to home grown flower baskets, you'll find it here.

We’ve got vegetables!!!! Plus more!
 (in season of course)

Veggies (see flowers below)

Asparagus                                              April - May
Beans- green and yellow July - September
Beets                                                      July - October
Broccoli                                                  June - October
Cabbage- green and red                          June - October
Cantaloupe                                             Aug - Sept
Carrots                                                   July - October
Cauliflower                                             June - October
Cucumbers and pickling cukes                July - September
Dill                                                         July - September
Garlic                                                     July - October
Herbs                                                     May - October
Kale                                                       July - October
Kohlrabi                                                 July - October
Leeks                                                     July - October
Lettuce- leaf and romaine                        May - October
Muskmelons                                           August - October
Onions- green, red, and Walla Walla       July - October
Parsnips                                                 October
Potatoes                                                 June - October
Peas- sugar snap, snow, and shell            May - July
Peppers                                                  July - October
Pumpkins                                                October
Radishes                                                 May - October
Rhubarb                                                 May - July
Squash                                                   July - October
Spinach                                                  April - October
Strawberries                                           June - September
Sweet corn                                             August - October
Tomatoes                                                June - October
Tomatoes- hanging baskets                     May - June
Tomatoes- potted                                    May - June
Turnips                                                    May - October
Watermelon                                             Aug - Sept
Zucchini                                                  May - October

Flowers and ……….

Bedding plants                            as available
Flowers- hanging baskets                        May - June
Marigolds (great for naturally keeping insects away)

Our Farm Market in located at:

1475 Pleasant Valley Road
Armstrong, B.C.